Track Record Advantage

Quality experience

  • Portfolio Manager experience at the Alter Family Office, Credit Suisse and Bain & Company provide well rounded investment experience.
  • Track record since inception in April 2010 has been exceptional.
  • Exceptional network of contacts across a wide range of industries.


Family Office Advantage

We think and act like a family office

  • We look to invest strategically and patiently, but we can also be opportunistic.
  • We are very careful with our investments, because we are investing our own capital.
  • We leverage our contacts and extensive network.


Fund Structure Advantage

Alignment of interests with clients

  • Portfolio manager heavily invested in the fund and the business, and performance fees set to further align interests with clients.
  • We are structured to make money, not beat an index, so we only invest in compelling ideas otherwise we will hold cash.
  • Our primary strategy is bottom-up stock picking of listed Australian shares, but we are not tied to any particular market, segment or region. We only invest if we believe the returns are compelling.


Investment Process Advantage

Investment philosophy and process positioned for success

  • We work very hard to find opportunities other people don’t bother looking at.
  • We conduct our own first hand research to get an information and understanding edge.
  • We have conviction in our ideas, and we only put our best ideas into the portfolio so that we don’t diversify away the fund’s performance.
  • It is much harder to outperform if you hold too many stocks because it is very difficult to have 50 great investment ideas at a time. We will be very happy with 10-15 stocks in our portfolio.